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Overdrive Gearboxes

Subject: Overdrive Gearboxes
From: "Graham Naylor" <>
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 96 11:25:47 +0200
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re: '65 Overdrive Gearbox


There are a number of dealers in the UK who specialise in used MG 
spares, you might also want to consider joining the MG Owners or Car 
clubs as showing their membership card will often get you a 10 - 15 % 
discount and you will find a host of spares for sale from other 

There is also a magazine specialising in MGs available off the shelf 
called "MG Enthusiast", a quick look through gave me the following 

        Mech Spec
        Sandy Lane Industrial Estate
        01909 482775

        West Yorkshire MG Centre
        01484 715192

        Cheshire Classic Car Spares
        Unit 3
        Silverdale Park
        Station Lane
        Mickle Trafford
        01244 300270

Beware a good box will cost around 300 and there are two types of the 
3 Synchro box, one for the 3 bearing engine and another for the 5, the 
only difference being the input shaft diameter. You will also need the 
propshaft, vacuum switch (like hens teeth), a manifold adaptor, a 
solenoid (I Think), o/d switch and wiring (a separate loom feeds the 
box) and an assortment of fixings and other bits.

The best bet would be to ask one of these companies for all the parts 
you need in one go, I am tackling the conversion on my '67 B and am 
having trouble locating some of the parts so if you succeed please let 
me know who supplied the bits.

Hope this helps

Graham Naylor

'67 B Roadster
'77 Triumph Trident (Motor-bike)

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