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Overdrive re-build ?

Subject: Overdrive re-build ?
From: (Andy McLean x7768)
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 96 09:04:21 PST
As part of my spring cleaning I decided to remove the sump plate
on the overdrive unit of my '78 MGB.  Beside an acceptable amount
of "shwarf" there was also 3 pieces of what I have come to identify
as a thrust washer for the LH overdrive.  At least I think that's 
what it is...about 1.25" in diameter with notches cut at all four
corners (of a circle !)  My question is, what exactly does this part
do and when can I expect to have to re-build ?  The gearbox and
overdrive appear to suffering no ill effects in the absence of this
part, although I have noticed an occasional grind when reversing 
with a cold engine/gearbox.

       Andy McLean ('78 MGB)

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