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Midget Performance

Subject: Midget Performance
From: "Rob" <>
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 1996 10:39:10 +0000
Hi All,

I've been slowly uprating the performance of my 1500 Midget over the 
past few months, so far I've had a fast road cam, K+N air filter, 
PECO exhaust system (inc manifold), blank throttle disks in the carbs, 
and new needles to give more fuel.

I've been happy with this setup for sometime now, but I'm now hungry 
for more power and can see that the next stage is to fit a 
performance cylinder head. I have been quoted 310 + vat pounds for a stage 
3 cylinder head, this cost is likely to rise to around 400 + vat  due to the 
to get everything set up correctly via a rolling road and new needles 

My questions are, is this a realistic price for a performance 
cylinder head of stage 3 variety, and also considering the rather 
large outlay, how much more power will this be likely to give me?

Thanks in advance.

Rob 79 Midget 1500
P.S Yes I have fitted an oil cooler!!!!!!

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