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Re: Bizzare Lucas stuff..and headless B's ..etc.

Subject: Re: Bizzare Lucas stuff..and headless B's ..etc.
From: (Christopher A. Lenth)
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 1995 10:48:26 +0600
On 5 April 1996, writes:

>On my 79 MGB: the fuel gage, tachometer, temperature gage, turn signals, and
>wipers were not operational after a head rebuild. ....snip...

On my '73, the signals, fuel and temp gauges, (and maybe the tach?) would 
periodically take 5.  The problem was a loose connection at the fuse box 
where they all shared a common connection.  A little wire wigglin' was a 
temporary fix, and after replacing the fuse box the problem has disapeared.  
Be careful with that temp guage.  An eccentric temp gauge on my last long 
trip sent my fresh (8000 miles) motor to the guillotine(sp?).  Driving 800 
miles in the snow, in January, with heater core bypassed, I stupidly 
neglected erratic temp gauge behavior and didn't pay close enough attention 
to the little miss at 3000+ RPM (blown or blowing headgasket?). Result = 
_badly_ cracked head, but luckily no further damage.

Anyhoo, cummulative B withdrawl (been drivin' a SAAB) and two 70 degree days 
have me really itchin for the wind in my hair.  Anybody know of a good cheap 
head in the SW Virginia area?  Also contemplating picking up my aborted 
search for that body donor car and hoping to find one with a decent head.  
If it weren't for that pesky graduate work ...

have a great weekend

chris "looking for a solid body with head attached, or vise versa" lenth

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