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Allards in movies (was Triumphs in Movies)

Subject: Allards in movies (was Triumphs in Movies)
From: (John Allard)
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 1996 17:18:03 -0800 (PST)
OK, I have resisted this thread long enough.  Only the sharp of eye can top
this one!!!!
ALLARDs in movies!!!!!!!
Here are the ones I know about

Geneivive (sic)This comedy classic includes a scene where Geneivive stalls
beside a road and a portly gentleman drives up and offers to tow them to the
nearest garage.  In the process there is an arguement in the antique car,
they are not paying attention, the Allard (a K-1) comes to a stop and
Geneivive runs into the aluminum bodied car's back, flat out pranging it!!!
This movie was done with the cooperation of the Allard factory.
Written on the Wind.  This academy award winning picture starred Robert
Stack, Lauren Bacall, Rock Hudson and Dorothy Malone.  Robert Stack played
the poor little ritch boy with Hudson playing his pal friday and the
whipping boy.  Bacall played Stack's conquest and Hudson's object d'amour
and Malone was Stack's sister who spent the movie getting drunk and lusting
after Rock.  Stack drove a YELLOW Allard J-2X with the sound track of a
Jaguar XK 120 played over the Chyrsler Hemi's bellows all through the movie.
In one seen he came powering up to the mansion, in a drunken stupor, windows
rattling and Bacall commenting, "Well there is Junior in his Kiddy Kar!!!.
BTW Malone drove a Kaiser Darrin in this movie.
State Fair (the Pat Boone version)  Ok, imagine this, a sports car race
taking place on a horse track, complete with dirt clay etc.  Now imagine a
host of sports cars, most of them clapped out competition cars including the
uglies XK 120 and Austin Healey's you have ever seen.  There is a fairly
sanitary Allard J-2X LeMans floating in and out of these scenes.
Spin Out  This Elvis Presley movie about road racing in the desert
supposedly has an Allard in it.  I have not been able to confirm.;
Johnny Dark.  Tony Curtis and Piper Laurie in a film about a north south
road race through Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California.  Lots of
Woodhill Wildfires, and one modified Allard J-2.  Worth one look but not more.
The Road Racers.  Strictly a grade B movie.  I could give you the names of
the actors but you would not recognize any of them.  Plot must have been
written during a grotesque hangover.  The poster for this dreary effort
said.  "RACING! Is it sport or is it MURDER!!!!" and depicted Allards in all
sorts of reposes including upside down in the air.  Features some very early
film of Riverside when there were NO HOUSES anywhere near the track.
Unfortunately it also stands in for Laguna Seca in several sequences as
well.  A Modified J-2X is the early mount of the Movie's antagonist in this
movie (the star was an anti hero, bad guy has awakening, becomes a good guy
at the end).

These are the only ones that I am aware of.  Does anybody else have a
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