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Speedometer Trouble

Subject: Speedometer Trouble
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 1996 21:45:16 -0500
Subj:   Re: digest #216 Thu Apr 4 02:05:02 MST 
Date:   96-04-05 10:11:27 EST
From:   TheSkinny

<My speedometer use to swing wildly back and forth whenever I>
<was moving.  Occasionally it would settle down and appear to>
<work correctly. Additionally it would make strange clicking >
<noises.  This continued until the needle fell off it's pivot.>

I found that on several speedometers the locating hole in the metal band at
the front of the assembly gradually wears from a perfect hole to an egg
shaped hole.  The needle shaft has been acting as a file within that part.
 Then when the shaft does pop in and out of this worn spot, the spinning
parts (I don't know their names) rub on each other.  This causes both the
noise you mentioned, and the needle to jump.  With the guage face removed you
can rotate the worn metal part 180 degrees and get more life out of the

Dave Riker, 69(as registered anyway)MGMidget, 63 Falcon Squire

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