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From: "Unger, Larry @ MAN" <UNGERL@Reston.UnisysGSG.COM>
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 96 09:11:00 EDT
On Saturday, April 06, Dennis wrote:

 ->In my never-ending search for the perfect 'B', I came across an ad for   
a '58
 ->MGA roadster that, on paper anyway, sounds interesting. I thought I'd   
go take
 ->a look since I'd be going that way on other business anyway. Trouble   
is, I
 ->don't have time to do the research required. I know something about the
 ->idiosyncracies of the 'B', but nothing about 'A's. Can any of you 'A'   
 ->out there offer any advice on what to look for in an 'A' (beyond the   
 ->that would apply to any 38 year old car)? Originality(barring the   
 ->grotesque) is not a major concern, but drive-ability is, and I really   
would like
 ->to know what I'm in for before I'm in it.
The 'A' engine, tranny, and rear do not differ greatly from the early 'B'   
... or should
I say, the early 'B' does not differ greatly from an 'A' <g>.  So ... if   
you are familiar
with the early 'B' than you shouldn't have any problem sorting out the   
drive train.

The major difference between the two being that in lieu 'B's unitary   
(unibody) the 'A's bodywork sets upon a chassis (frame).  The 'A's   
is extremely prone to rust in the door pillars and sills (F sections) ...
unfortunately, like the 'B', they rust from the inside out and damage can   
be hard
to detect ... if the owner is willing, you can check for this by removing   
the splash
panels located inside the wheel wells.  The trunk (boot) floor is also   
prone to
rust.  Replacement body panels for these areas are readily available.   
  The 'A's
chassis is quite strong, in fact it has been said the that is too strong   
and added
unecessary weight, so it takes quite a bit of damage before it must be   
off ... the chassis is prone to rust around the wooden floor boards ...   
check the
side and cross members in this area along with rails that support the   
and batteries ... repair sections are readily available for these areas.

Hope this helps ... Good Luck ...  Let me know if you have any other   
Larry Unger --->

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