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Re: Fuel pump / line...?

Subject: Re: Fuel pump / line...?
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 1996 16:59:50 -0400

Have you ever noticed that rally tires on bad roads can be rather loud?  Of
course I listened to the engine, silly boy. :)  When one pushes on the gas
pedal and nothing happens, it generally gives me the indication that the
engine is definately not running properly.  :)  I wouldn't blame the tach for
this...when I said it still ran, I didn't mean at just behaved as
if it did (ie. starter grind), but there was no throttle response, as if it
was barely getting any fuel.   What I may have left out, which could give you
the impression that I am engine-deaf, is the fact that soon after this
"sort-of-running-but no-throttle-response" phenominon happens, the engine
dies completely.  I understand this sounds really bizzarre...but it is the
case.  :P



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