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Re: rejected!

To: David Councill <>
Subject: Re: rejected!
From: Bill D <>
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 1996 23:23:49 -0400 (EDT)
On Mon, 8 Apr 1996, David Councill wrote:

> I posted a note this morning on the grose jet versus standard needle thread.
> A few hours later, I received a note saying that my post was refused by the
> server and therefore could not be delivered.

> Anyone else experience this problem, today or recently? I wouldn't think I
> was censored since I haven't committed any thought crimes in this list or
> done anything else offensive. And I am working on my sense of humor, I think.

I *did* notice the peculiarity that when I got home at about 4:15PM there 
were only 4 british-cars messages waiting for me, as opposed to the usual 
mailbombing of 50+ between british-cars and mgs.

So perhaps the server was hosed for awhile.


--  (Bill Duetschler)
"Yesterday, apropos of nothing, one friend said to me 'Do you ever have
days where you just want to get everyone you know together in one place,
have them all take off their clothes, and let nature take its course?'" 
--Susan Groppi

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