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MGB Power figures?

Subject: MGB Power figures?
From: "A.Rayner" <>
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 96 11:05:12 -0700
I have a MGB Mark I (1965) which has undergone a full engine rebuild 
recently.  I had it dyno-tuned after a while because of various problems. 
 After a lot of stuffing around we found that one of the carbies was 
being choked off by a dislodged seal and only one carby was working 
properly!  My question is...I have noticed that the "standard" power 
output for an MGB (as listed in various manuals) is about 95 bhp.  When I 
had my 'B dyno-tuned the bloke told me that the " power has gone from 27 
up to 67" but he didn't actually say what 'units' he was talking in.  I 
assume he was talking in kW?  How does 67kW compare to 95bhp?  The only 
difference between my car and a stock standard is a slightly lumpier cam 
(standard for most MGB rebuilds) and a gentle rebore (cap about 1860 cc 
instead of 1798 cc).  How does my power output compare to some of the 
other MGB's out there?

I'll post a further question shortly about a noisy gearbox too!!

Tony Rayner.

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