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Subject: Fan
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1996 14:04:12 -0400
TD8387:  Sent out your fan today COD ground UPS.  You should receive it in
about 10 days.  Good luck on getting your MG back on the road.  I have lots
of used MG parts, and also some great local sources for new parts.  Pretty
much anything you could imagine.  This mailing list is great.  Lots of
interesting stuff.   I had a '79 as a daily driver for about a year and it
was a great car, but my pride and joy is my '69. I bought it in 1982, but I
don't think their is a single origional part left on it (except the ID tags!)
 The original body had been "T-boned" really bad, but I was young.  Engine
has been rebuilt 4 times, after 6 transmissions, I finally converted over to
a Nissan 5-speed.  I moved the running gear into a '74 body shell in 1992.
 Problem now, is that the thing is pretty well completed the way I always
wanted it in the first place.  It is painted midnight burgandy, has matching
cloth seats.  I inlaid the instrument portion of the dash with cherry wood.
 It has gauges out of a '79, except that I added an oil pressure guage from a
late model "B".  The car has chrome wire wheels with 175/60-13's.  Front and
rear anti sway bars, and a 1" lowering kit.  The engine is bored out to
73.5mm.  Cooper S Cam, DCOE Weber Carb, Electronic Ignition from a 48 state
'79 MGB.  Oil cooler, oversized radiator.  I still drive it to work on nice
days, but I've gotten alittle old (stiff) to use it as a daily driver.
I used to have a hard top for it, and one of the most fun trips I had was to
Tahoe.  We put ski racks on the hard top, and the skis were almost longer
than the car!  I put a sand bag behind the seats for weight, and we were out
handling some big 4X4's.

Another great trip was spring break in Ensenada Mexico.  If you think that
british cars are a rare sight in the states these days,  I tell you they
treated us like royalty.  I got the whole car hand washed, waxed and vacuumed
for about $2 US.  bad thing was I had to dissasemble the weber in SanDiego,
because the fuel screwed up my carb.
Anyway, I'm babbling.  Hope you have as much fun with your MG as I have.

Dave Riker

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