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Re: MGs of Hollywood

Subject: Re: MGs of Hollywood
Date: Tue, 09 Apr 1996 18:13:08 EDT
  In our list let us not forget the memorable "Bannana Boat" starring 
Ronald Reagan, where he rides around a small tropical isalnd tring to 
save the bannana farmers in his MG T-something.  And MGT on unpaved 
roads?!?  Maybe he has alzhiemers from the bumps to his head....   A 
great movie for us Republicans who like to see Ronald Reagan acting, 
and a great movie for donkey's who like to see a Republican look like 
an ass.
   ALSO... there was a movie where they drove an MGT-something in a 
road race and kept getting in accidents.  It was from the 70's.
   We must never forget that frat movie (I can't rememebr the name... 
but it was like Caddy Shack) where the jock had an MGA.  That MGA saw 
alot of action.  More than most MGA's have seen in a LONG time....   
I drive a B.  

          John............Ever see an MG Magnette MkIII ina  movie... 
ever see one on the road?  

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