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Re: TD generator & water Pump update

To: Bob Dallas <>
Subject: Re: TD generator & water Pump update
From: Robert J Donahue/DELCO <>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 08:52:07 +0000
Delco Electronics

From: bobd @ (Bob Dallas) @ USDESMTP
Date: 04/10/96 06:03:12 AM
Subject: TD generator & water Pump update

<I reported yesterday that I had a water pump leak--Today, after some advice
<from you, I refilled the radiator(no leak) and started the motor(no leak). I
<ran it for a good 20 minutes( no leak). I turned it off at a higher RPM than
<I would have preferred and it backfired.(the leak returned and leaked for a
<few minutes and quit). I think that over time this leak will go away--and
<let me tell you it is no small leak.  Now, about the GENERATOR.
<I have just gotten this generator out of the shop and it is reported to be
<working correctly.  I tested it on the car and I was getting only 2.5 volts
<on my Voltmeter tester at about 1500 RPM when I connected it to the two
<terminals on the generator.  Also, The ammeter in the car doesn't register
<anything.  Any advice???


Make sure the field winding is getting voltage. It is the field voltage that 
the armature output.  The voltage regulator should be giving the field the full
armature voltage untill the full charging voltage is reached (around 14V). If 
field is also getting 2.5V, I would suspect the the generator. Don't forget to 
check the brushes and belt tension.

Bob Donahue
53 TD 

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