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Thanks & Jensen value

To: british cars <>
Subject: Thanks & Jensen value
From: Robert Rhodes <>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 12:05:11 -0400 (EDT)
        Hello all,

        Well, within about 2 hours of my plea for help finding the .040 
bearings that I needed I received one suggestion for a place to purchase 
teh bearings and 3 offers to sell me the bearings.  Fantastic. 

        I have replaced the bearings (took about 2.5 hours total to 
remove and replace) and am driving the car today.  As a pleasant side 
note oil preasure has increased from 50 psi at idle to around 75.

        Now I have another question.  Our local trader has a Jensen 
Intercepter for sale.  Its a 72 model and is listed as having the motor 
out and including body panel to replace slightly rusted ones.  The motor 
is supposed to have been rebuilt.  He's asking $2800.00 or trade. 

        Does anyone have an idea as to what this Jensen is worth?

        Thanks in advance.

Rob Rhodes
72 B

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