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Re: British Motors Heritgage Trust

To: (John Allard)
Subject: Re: British Motors Heritgage Trust
From: (doshir)
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 1996 07:36:34 +0900
At 7:46 AM 96.4.9, John Allard wrote:
> I would like to get the British Motor Heritage Trust information on some of
> my cars, is the fee, as I recall, $150?  And who do I send it to?
> John

Hello John.

Have you checked
I hope it will be some hint for you.

BTW, I'd like to put link to your home page into my link page.
Please let me know if you do not like it.

Thank you.

Takashi Ishidoshiro (doshir)
MELCO Inc. Japan/R & D
'93 Caterham 1700SS
'95 Citroen XM

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