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MGB clutch master-slave cylinders

Subject: MGB clutch master-slave cylinders
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 09:43:01 -0400
To all,

I'm into my 1973 clutch system this Sunday morning. 

I have three MG's and have been into all of their clutch mechanisms at one
time or another. This times a little different.

Usually you can't get enough travel from the master-slave system due to air
(or other more difficult problems). Today I am finding I am geting too much
travel. That is, the strokes of the peddle are having an additive effect
which, after about three peddle strokes, over-travels the slave, poping the
piston out of the bore.

The slave looks ok. sounds like master cylinder problems to me. Anyoneone
else seen this twist? Sounds like the master is not receiving back the fluide
from the previous stroke. I replaced the hose last night so there is no
obstruction in this puzzle.

I'm going to start to take the master off and will log back on in a few
minutes to see if anyone else has seen this.

R. Johnson

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