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Problem - Excessive oil usage

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Subject: Problem - Excessive oil usage
From: Phillips Kevin <> (Tel DTI Assessment Unit)
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 10:59:00 +0100
Dear All,

Many miles of happy motoring have now been had in my B and I can safely say 
I've never had as much fun as this. 

Over the past few months I've been watching the list and reading about many 
peoples MG problems thinking that most of these mechanical troubles would not 
befall me.  Evidently someone was watching and I now have a worrysome prob with 
my MG that I would like some guidance on.

Here Goes...

Since buying it I have used the car regularly for the last three weeks and 
continually been checking the oil, water, timing, gaps electric's etc. and 
listening for noises - all checked out OK, but for one thing - the car uses 
and LOTS of oil... By which I mean will go from Max to Min on the stick in the 
space of 300 motorway miles...Driving at 70mph.

Otherwise it runs really well, does not appear to smoke, does not leak oil (at 
least when parked in the garage).

Car has had a head rebuild 1 year ago according to the PO and the Haynes manual 
points to a dodgy rebuild with the valve oil seals left out as a probable 
culprit for excessive oil usage.

Questions - 

1.  Can you see if the oil seals are in place by just taking off the rocker 
    cover and having a look ?

2.  Can anyone give some pointers as to other sources of the problem which can 
    be checked out prior to me pulling the Cylinder Head and re-sealing all the 
    valves ?? 

3.  If the oil seals are the most likely problem any pointers on the oil seal 
    change job would be most appreciated.  I have done the change on an engine 
    that did not require the head to be taken off but have never (yet) taken 
    the head and used the g-clamp style valve compressor for the task.

4.  If I do take off the head, while I'm in there is there anything else worth 
    looking at or swapping out ?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


'74 MGB Roadster.

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