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To: mgs <>
Subject: Starter,click,click
From: "Henrich, Dave" <dhenrich@MSDEV1.Waterloo.ATTGIS.COM>
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 96 09:40:00 EDT
MG Fiends,
Well, finally got the 79B on the road after a long winter hibernation. Took 
it for a short run Saturday and a long drive on Sunday.  Everything went 
great, car ran well with no problems. That is until I wanted to take my 
neighbor for a ride, later on Sunday eve. I turned the key with confidence 
only to hear "click,click,click" at the starter. Damn!
I tried again Monday morning only to hear the same thing.

A bit of history:
 - freshly charged battery (9 months old, but inactive last 4 months, I think 
it's OK)
 - lights dim drastically when solenoid clicking ( I assume power is getting 
 - new starter solenoid last July

Any help appreciated, ( I'm sure this has been a FAQ) as I'm not too sure 
where to start to troubleshoot the problem.

Dave Henrich
(Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)

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