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Re: OD etiquette

Subject: Re: OD etiquette
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 1996 23:28:39 -0400
Only major caution on engaging/disengaging overdrive, is:
Don't engage the overdrive while the engine is under load. (this is noted in
many of the various owners' manuals). You could engage/disengage with the
clutch, which would make it much smoother, but not at all necessary. Most
race drivers used the overdrive as a means to switch between "third" and
"fourth" in the twisty bits, but simply putting it in third and switching
into overdrive when they were going fast enough to justify using fourth. They
then switched out to accelerate out of corners when they were too busy with
other things to clutch and shift and didn't want a hand off the wheel too
Gary Anderosn

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