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Small parts search

Subject: Small parts search
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 96 08:17:47 -0400
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          Before I work myself into a state of agitation, maybe some-
          one here can offer some advice.
          I need four windshield washer units. I have four. None of
          them work. Seems the little rubber impeller is toast. Sure,
          I can purchase new pumps for $27US each. That's over $100US.
          I can buy a whole car for that! Anyone know a source for 
          just the little impeller?
          While were on the subject of small parts, I need to rebuild/
          refurbish six head lamp buckets. I need the little retainer
          nuts for the lamp aiming screws. Yes, there is a "kit" to
          be purchased for $8.95US that will do one bucket. It 
          consists of the screws, retainer nuts and a spring. I don't
          need the screws or spring. Anyone know of a way to purchase 
          a dozen retainer nuts? These are just little moulded plastic
          things that, once they get old, become brittle (don't we 
          all?) and break when a screw driver is waved at them.
          Thanks for allowing me to vent here. Any help will be 

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