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Electrical Problem Solved!!

To: "'MG Group'" <>
Subject: Electrical Problem Solved!!
From: Melissa Mann <>
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 12:03:47 -0700
Thanks so much to all of you  who offered your advice on solving this =

It turns out that there were a couple of loose connections (yes, one was =
a black wire!).  It was "fun" trying to guess what color the wires =
really were, since they had all been painted red.  Another challenge was =
that the loose connections were by the fan on the right side -- the side =
that was working.   Also, I had suspected the right tail light, because =
one of the tail lights didn't go on.  Well, I realized that it wasn't =
supposed to be on -- it was the light to the blinker.  The left rear =
(blinker) light shouldn't have been on but was -- that was why the left =
turn signal indicator (on the dash) was on. =20

So now all my lights work properly -- in parking, low-beam, and =
high-beam modes.

Thanks again!

-- Melissa

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