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Re: Best BRG colors

Subject: Re: Best BRG colors
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 96 12:45:29 pst
     According to "Original MGB" by Anders Clausager, these are the green 
     colors that were offered for the MGB:
     British Racing Green - used a few months in 1962 only
     BMC/BL code: GN25, Dupont 8193
     Dark British Racing Green - 1963-70
     BMC/BL code: GN29, Dupont 8194
     New Racing Green - 1970-1, 1975 GT Jubilee
     BMC/BL code: BLVC 25, Dupont 30012
     Green Mallard - 1971-3
     BMC/BL code: BLVC 22, Dupont 30014
     Tundra Green - 1975
     BMC/BL code: BLVC 94, Dupont 43278
     Brooklands Green - 1976-80
     BMC/BL code: BLVC 169, Dupont 44630
     I omitted Limeflower <g>.
     I'm not a paint expert, I'm just passing along info that I have in 
     hand.  Hope this is of use!
                                Michael Lytton
                                1970 Pale Primrose MGB

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