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MGB Prices & Then Some

Subject: MGB Prices & Then Some
From: (Williams/MG Guy)
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 21:43:28 -0300
Oh sure. Just when I finally get m'self psyched up to sell my car - here
comes the big debate on price/value.

Check the prices of B roadsters in England. Recent editions of Popular
Classics lists roadsters in the range of (now, this is pounds Sterling -
about 2.25 or better CDN, maybe 1.5 US the math) 5,500 for a
'76, 6,495 for a '65 and 4,900 for a '72 needing 'cosmetics'. The MG Owner's
Club's "Enjoying MG" lists B roadsters ranging from 9,500 for a '67, 9,999
for a '68 and 8,000 for a '78.

In Canadian dollars - this is a range of 11,025 to 22,498 - making those
quoted examples on this thread seem like bargains, if they are a) indeed
fine examples and b) someone has the bucks.

I agreed with the '69 that was for sale. With all the work indicated, that
was a steal. 

I have a Tartan Red roadster, built in December of 1968. I restored the car
between 1987 and 1990. In '92 it placed second in class at the NAMGBR meet
in Peterborough, Ontario, and in '93 was 2nd in class at John Twist's Annual
Summer Party in Grand Rapids. The car has logged 5000 miles since it's
restoration. It's practically perfect. Just a little patina of age here and
there, so as not to be too perfect. I'd modestly rate it a 92 point car.
Particular attention has been paid to originality and detail. I have a file
folder containing some $14,000 in receipts. In addition, the most recent
appraised insurance value in the car was $14,400.

Now, my car is for sale. Asking price - $14,000 Cdn.

I agree there are some MGBs that are worth the asking price, some that
plainly are not - and some that are slightly inflated - in addition to the
rip-offs that are out there too. Caveat emptor! There've been many wise
quotes on this matter thus far - all of them appropriate, save for those
whose viewpoint on the matter sees these prices as being ridiculously high.
Remember, we're dealing in an automobile ranging in age from sixteen to
thirty-three years old! No longer produced, plentiful yes, but diminishing
yearly (seen many VW bugs lately?) and good examples will always command a
higher premium. If indeed there's a buyer - a rather important ingredient in
this whole affair.

So - now for something completely about valve settings?
.012" when hot/.015" cold? Please advise.

And, if you're interested in my '68, please drop me an e-mail.

And, for those aware of my engine installation - standby. It's cranking
over, there's oil pressure,relays are working - but no start. This weekend I
hope to finally have the time to run through the ol' checklist...but it does

Terry "Thanks for the soapbox" Williams
'70 BGT
'68 roadster
'77 roadster
'71 BGT parts-a-ramma

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