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Re: Bumper Height, ABS, Air Bags, and Pseudo-Safety

Subject: Re: Bumper Height, ABS, Air Bags, and Pseudo-Safety
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 21:07:06 -0400
More on common sense...

My friend and I were discussing an interesting topic, regarding common sense,
prompted by the sight of a guy taking an off-ramp from the highway, at a
speed I'd rarely use in a new sports car, in a rusted out Camaro with very
obvioulsy "dead" struts/dampers/whatever.  

We, somewhat sarcasticly, recommended a required class in high school
regarding common sense in car care, driving, etc.  I'm not talking about
silly things like, "you must honk your horn when passing a parked car" (yes,
that's supposedly a law, in Ohio anyway).  We were talking about, "don't
drive on bad struts, because..." and other things regarding the ownership and
operation of an automobile, that you'd hope everyone on the road would

Of course...we were joking.......weren't we?  :-) 

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