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Do I feel dumb.....

Subject: Do I feel dumb.....
From: (Ross MacPherson)
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 13:24:43 -0700
Greetings SOL'ers! 
I'm writing with a great sense of relief and a good deal of embarasment. I
also risk firing up the Grose-Jet thread again. 
Scenario: TC is parked snugly in its house. Sun shines.  Owner (me)
approaches with glee.  Climb in, adjust idle speed, pull choke, switch
ignition on ( comforting pull
starter, engine fires, tap accelerator. Running.......BADLY!  

To make a long story short, I check spark at plugs - good spark. When tester
on cylinders 1 & 2 engine slows (as it should, plug shorted) on cylinders 3
& 4 no change in RPM, ergo: 3 & 4 not doing their thing.  Install new plugs:
no change.  Check compression: 147, 145, 143, 143, no problem there.
Exchange plugs between 2 & 3: no change. Remove air cleaner/duct. Restart.
Lift dashpot on front carb, engine slows, lift rear dashpot - nothing.
Hoist it to full stroke - diddley.  Suddenly brain cramp releases - slap
forehead (literally!).  Remove hammer from toolbox, gently tap float boal
banjo atop rear float chamber - (clickety - ckickety - click).  Engine
smoothes right out. Revs nicely, smooth as glass.
I had a stuck needle valve in the aft float bowl and was running on the
front carb only.  I'd had it running well just a few days before  (it tends
to rain a bit here in Vancouver... snicker, snicker).  Like most things in
life it's my own damn fault.  I've got a complete rebuild kit for both carbs
still sealed in its plastic bag.  Guess what I'll be doing this weekend!
I relate this experience for the edification and amusement of
all.......whichever applys.

   ___        \______           Ross MacPherson
  / __ \ __ /       /------|)
/  (___)---------/ (___)        1947 MG-TC 3528
                                                1966 MGB-GT 

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