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Bumpers and height (yet another theory)

To: David Councill <>
Subject: Bumpers and height (yet another theory)
From: (Bert Palte)
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 16:11:33 GMT
>At the time the bumpers were changed, MGs were also required to have 
>catalytic converters. I always thought that the height had to be increased
>due to the converter, not for bumper alignment. 
I read somewhere that the REAL reason for the ride height increase was 
that U.S. regulations said something about the minimum centre height of the

It was impossible, at the time, to raise only the head lights, so what they
did was
raise the whole car instead!

Compare with TR7, Miata,...

BTW, when I bought my B in 89 I found the rubber bumper version ugly.
I've changed my mind since then. 
I don't think it's ugly any more, just a different version and MUCH more


1970 B (chrome bumper, of course).

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