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RE: Ignition switch, 79 MGB

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Subject: RE: Ignition switch, 79 MGB
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 14:02:00 -0700 (PDT)
Been there done that just a few weeks ago on my 80 B. You have a BIG 
problem. Apparently they stopped making them 5 years ago because the molds 
or something were damaged and have not been repaired yet. No one had one. A 
local guy here in miami  had one which he was going to sell me for $89. I 
only needed the key part so he offered to sell me just the key part minus 
the cost of the igition electrical switch and harness. When he called up 
moss for a current price he realized what a gold mine he was sitting on and 
decided not to sell it to me for that price any more. I bent over and paid 
100 for the key part. Moss said thay were charging $120 for it and twice 
that the last year they had it in stock so I guess it wasn't soo bad. Your 
best bet is to find a used one or a shop with some old stock. Preferably 
someone who doesn't know it's the last key on earth.

The bolts that hold the cylinder to the column are the shear off type. As 
you tighten them the bolt heads brak off. In order to remove them, use your 
trusty dremel tool with the cutting disk to cut a slot in the head of the 
bolt for a screw driver. It sounds bad but it only took a few minutes to 
replace them. If you're looking at a used one, make sure the ball has not 
dropped into the key slot. Once this happens, you have about 6 months of key 
problems before it goes. You might be able to retro fit an earlier lock. 70 
to 80 were interchangeable as long as you didn't mind redoing the wiring 
harness a little. I believe that all the lock froms 70 to 80 are unavailable 
though. Earlier than that may not fit the column. I was desparate, I 
considered installing a $12 ammerican cylinder in my dash if I couldn't find 
a replacement used or new. Good luck on your search. Check little foriegn 
parts places and old british car shops. They may have one buried in the 

Chris Reichle
From: mgs-owner
To: mgs
Subject: Ignition switch, 79 MGB
Date: Thursday,April 18,1996 10:49AM

Hello all!

For those of you who have been following the "fuel pump / line" saga, you'll
find this interesting.

I am in need of a new ignition switch for my 1979 MGB.  I buy mostly from
Victoria British, but the part is now no longer available.  Their part 
was 0-315, if this helps anyone.  The gentleman at the local MG Centre said
we could put "something" together to get the car running...but "something"
doesn't sound terribly reliable to me...I'd like a new part.

If anyone has one lying around, or knows another source where I could find a
NEW one, please let me know.

1979 MGB

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