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MGF in the U.S.? - LONG

To: "Deffendall, Kelly, 403" <>,
Subject: MGF in the U.S.? - LONG
From: (Phil Bates)
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 19:09:58 -0600
>I just downloaded gif images of the MGF and I want one.  I know that 
>military personnel
>sometimes bring back cars to the USA that were purchased in Europe.  What is
>the feasability of going to the homeland, buying a car, driving it around a 
>week and
>having it shipped back as a used car?
>Any of you military or ex-military types know the regulations?
>This is probably academic because while I can swing the GBP 16,500 for the 
>car, I doubt
>I have the stomach lining to deal with the Feds.
>Lastly what is the current exchange rate for US Dollars to British Pounds?
>"Always wanted to visit Abingdon"
>Kelly Deffendall, DBA
>Cracker Barrel Corp.

I really don't think this is possible.  I imported some tires for my Jag, 
and it was a real pain.  Anyhow, the government form for parts is the same 
as the one for cars.  Here is what you must do to import these types of things:

You must provide the make of vehicle, the model, the year, the VIN, have a 
registered importer (a broker will probably do) do this, and have a vehicle 
eligibility number.  There are several stipulations.  If the law does not 
change, however, you can buy one 25 years from now, and import it.  You may 
be able to import under item 2A, but you will need MG to add a plate on your 
car saying it meets all US standards.  The car must fit in one of the 
following  (I'm typing this directly from the form, and my typing is not 
that good, so expect typos)-

1. 25 or more years old

2A.  Vehicle must meed all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, and 
Bumper and Theft Prevention Standards, and bears a certification label or 
tag to that effect.

2B.  Conforms with all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards of 
Canada and the US except for minor labeling requirements, and you must attach:
        Copy of manufacturer's confirmation letter; and 
        Copy of NHTSA permission letter.

3.  Vehicle does not conform, but NHTSA has determined that the model and 
year vehicle is eligible, and you furnish a bond of 150% of the entered 
value of the vehicle as determined by the Secretary of the Treasury.  If car 
is determined as not brought into compliance with standards within 120 days, 
it will be delivered to the Secretary of the Treasury of export, or 
abandoned to the US, and
        a.  "I have registered with NHTSA purse\uant to 49CFR Part 592 and 
such registration has not been revoked or suspended or:
        b.  I have executed a contract or other agreement, which is attached 
to this declaration, with an importer who has registered with NHTSA and 
whose registration has not been suspended or revoked [591.5(c)]" you must 
                Copy of DOT Bond; and 
                Copy of Contract with Registered Importer if applicable.

4.  Vehicle does not comply, but is intended solely fo export and the 
vehicle bears label or tag to that effect.

5.  Does not comply, but:
        a.  I am a nonresident of the U.S. and the vehicle is registered in 
a country other than the US;
        b.  I am temporarily importin gthe vehicle for personal use for a 
period of not more than 1 year, and I will not sell it at that time; and
        c.  I will export it not later than the end of 1 year after entry
        d.  Pasprort info required here.

6.  Does not conform, but:
        a.  I am a member of the foreign government on assignment in the 
U.S., or a member of the Secretariat of a public international organization 
so designated under the International Organizations Immunities Act, and 
within the class of persons for who free entry of motor vehicle has been 
authorized by the Department of State:
        b.  I am importing the motor vehicle on a temporary basis for my 
personal use, and will register it through the Office of Freign Missions of 
the Department of State
        c.  I will not sell the vehicle to any person in the US, other thatn 
a person eligible to import a vhicle under this paragraph,
        d.  I will obtain from the Office of Foreign Missions of the State 
Department, before departing the U.S. at thae conclusion of a tour of duty, 
and ownership title to the vehicle good for export only, and 
        e.  Copy of official orders attached

7.  The vehicle does not comply, but is being imported for a temporary 
period solely for hte purpose of research, investigations, studies, 
demonstrations, atrainig or competitive racing events, and I state that I 
will comply with the applicable restriction s on importers of such 
merchandise, and I will provide the Administrator with documentary proof of 
export or destruction not later than 30 days following the end of the period 
for which the vehicle has been admitted into the U.S.
        a.  Copy of NHTSA permission letter of the imortere is not an 
original manufacturer of motor vehicles (or a wholly owned subsidiary 
thereof) that are certified to comply with all app. Federal motor Vehicle 
Safety standards (FMVSS).  Use on roads must be authorized specifically
        b.  Copy of NHTSA permission sletter if the importer has been 
recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt corporation or foundation for at least 
5 years and is importing for thpurpose of studies in a museum or educaitonal 
institution, Sale, transfer, or use on the public roads is prohibited until 
the vehicle is 25 years old or
        c.  Importer's statement describing the use to be made of the 
vehicle or equipment item if the importer is an original manufacturer of 
motor vehicles (or wholly owned subsidiary thereof) that are certified to 
comply with all app. FMVSS.  If use on the public roads is an integral part 
of the purpose for which the vehicle item is imported, the statement shall 
describe the purpose which makes such use necessary, stat the estimated 
period of time during which use of the vehicle or equipment item on th 
epublic roads is necessary, and state the intended means of final 
disposition (and disposition date) of the vehicle or equipment item after 
completion of the purpose for which it is imported.

8.  This vehicle was not manufactured primarily for use ont eh public roads 
and thus is not a motor vehicle subject to the FMVSS, Bumper an Theft 
Prevention Standards.  Attach Importer's substantiating statement

9.  The vehicle requires further manufacturing operations to perform its 
intended function, other than the addition of readily attachable equipment 
items such as mirrors, wipers, or tire and rim assemblies, or minor 
finishing operations such as painting and any part of such vehicle that is 
required tobe marked by Part 541 of this chapter is marked in accordance 
with that part.  Attach Statement issued by the manufacturer or the 
incomplete vehicle, which indicates the applicable FMVSS with which the 
vehicle is not in compliance, and which describes the further manufacturing 

10.  Reserved (whatever that means)

11.  The equipment item is subject to the Teft prevention Standard and is 
marked in accordance with the requirements of 49 CFR 541 [591.5(k)]

12.  The vehicle does not conform, but I'm eligible because
        a.  I am a menber of the armed forces of a foreign country on 
assignment in the US
        b.  I am importing the vehicle on a temporary basis and for my 
personal use.
        c.  I will not sell othe vehicle to any person in the US
        d. I will export the vehicle upon departing the US at conclusion of 
a tour of duty, and 
        e.  I have attached a copy of my official orders.
Phil Bates
67 MGB
75 Jaguar XJ12C
52 MG TD replicar (VW)

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