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To: (Ross MacPherson),
Subject: Re: Help!
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 22:54:57 -0400

>So if you're sure your car is a `52 then I'M sure it's a TD.  It will most
>likely have 14" wheels as opposed rbox.                                        
TDs and TFs had 15 inch wheels.

>To get more info and help on sourcing parts find a local MG club and or
>contact the New England MG T register.  They produce several quality books
>on history and maintanence.  I don't have their address right at hand but
>someone here will probably supply it soon. 0)

Thanks Ross for the plug.
The bible is still the MG T Series Handbook by the New England T Register.
 You can get information on joining by E mailing me or going to the web site at    You shouldn't own a T type without joining and getting the 
Sacred Octagon. 

Mike Leckstein--no disclaimers

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