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"Clunker" laws

Subject: "Clunker" laws
From: Blevins <>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 11:48:17 -0700
For those of you wanting more complete info on "clunker" laws contact.....

COVA (Coucil of Vehicle Associations)
10400 Roberts Road
Palos Hills, IL 60465

1-708-598-4888 (fax)

or other similar organizations.

They provide a quarterly newsletter with state-by-state info, where to write, 
also special "alert" notices if legislation is coming up for a vote or 
committee action 
in your area or at the national level. Yes, there are annual dues, $20 I 
belive. If you 
personally prefer not to join, encourage your local car club (again $20 or 
$1/member) to 
receive info to pass along. 

Most active/notorious clunker law areas are California (UniCal receiving 
credits" for cars they buy back and scrap rather than clean up their 
refineries) and now 
the northeast, particullarly New Jersey where a law had gotten passed with a 
that declared driveways "public domain", allowing local and state governments 
to be able 
to collect "junk" cars without getting charged with trespass. Due to action 
organizations like COVA and other concerned citizens a large sum of money was 
put behind 
collecting signatures on petitions, etc. that got that one stopped (or put back 
reveiw) before its effectivity date.

BTW, in COVA's year-end 1995 report, they listed the top 20-30 contributors. If 
remember correctly, at least 7 of them were British-car related.

A lot of space is also given to this topic in the "letters" section of each 
issue of 

Dennis Blevins
Lancaster PA

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