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Clunker Laws

Subject: Clunker Laws
From: patrick bailey <>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 18:46:26 -0700
I JUST have put my $.02 worth in!IF we have to have laws ,how about the total 
amount in a year?Say you have a 
new car but commute 50-60 miles a day are you not putting a lot more pollutants 
into the air than someone with 
a LBC that is only driven on weekends or less? How about a newer car that isn't 
tuned up until it starts 
running badly? While i agree the junkers should be taken off the road,WHO will 
decide what a clunker is?
Is it only the age of the vehicle? I've seen 5-6 year old Hyundais and the like 
that are smoking all over the 
place. Unfortunately the average 
person couldn't  care less about our hobby(passion?) and won't care until their 
3 yr old is considered a 
clunker!Just look at what we have all given up in our automobile freedoms in 
the last 20-30 years and i don't 
have a lot of hope for us in the future.We may have to become activists and 
flood our legislators with letters 
etc. So anyone out there who knows who and how to start this letn us know...Pat 
79 "B"

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