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Re: Tell me about the Midget, please...

Subject: Re: Tell me about the Midget, please...
From: "A.D.Smith" <>
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 09:40:05 +0100
Oh dear oh dear, I see a war starting.

The midget is definately a far superior car if you want fun, low-cost, fun 
motoring.  The fun factor is the main one. It's a small car that handles
a lot better than the MGB (a bit like a boat by all accounts), will corner
beautifully, and keep you smiling. 

Parts are a bit cheaper, and the midget generally reliable. Sure, there are
weak points, someone mentioned half-shafts (never broken one myself!), and
the front suspension needs greasing and looking after. But none of these are
worrying things. 

>>>Some folks say that they're generally less reliable than a B
No, probably about the same in most respects. If both cars are looked after
properly, I can't see any reason why a midget and a B should differ in 

>>>that they have a very limited top speed
They'll all get close to 100 MPH. My 1500 in theory will do 103 (wow!).
However, given the size of the midget, any speed feels fast. Imagine doing 100 
in a car that's this small and loud, you'll see what I mean.

>>>speed of 55 or 60 MPH will actually wear out the engine! 
I regularly cruise mine at 70 mph for a few hours, no problems.  We've been to 
and france in it, all around britain, the engine is solid.

>>> If someone could give me a comparison of the MGB to the Midget,
Midget - small, low cost, fun, great handling, fun to drive, good looking
MGB    - Bigger, looks a bit fat around the sides, not as good looking, 
handling like 
                        a truck.

>>>pleasure driving, not as much collectablility.
You've said it there - pleasure driving - get a midget.  And for collectability,
get a midget. 

They are a small car, which means luggage space is limited. However with a bit 
careful packing we've managed a two-person, two week camping trip on a couple 
occasions with no problems. 

I'm 6 foot 4 and I can fit in, so I think pretty much anyone could get in there 
The driving position is very low down, and sitting back, so very comfortable.

Have I convinced you yet ?  

OK, I'll go on.  Midgets will help you meet people, get jobs, pick up 
/ boyfriends (delete as appropriate), and have FUN.

(completely unbiased, of course :-) )

Andy Castellano Smith.          | email:
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       1977 Chrome Bumper Midget "Mungo" for short.
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