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Driving Skill (or otherwise)

Subject: Driving Skill (or otherwise)
From: (Eardley Bryan)
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 12:37:57 +0100
Rather than the police wasting time pulling people over on the motorways to
check if they have a licence to use the motorway, why not pull over those
drivers who hog the centre lane, or the right hand lane, overtake on the
inside, drive right up behind another vehicle, drive too fast (especially
for the raod and weather condidtions at the time) etc., etc.

This would be much easier and it might do something to improve the
appallingly low standard of some of the driving that we see on our

Changing the subject.

What sort of safety checks are there for cars in Texas?

Three years ago I bought a 1986 MGB GT from Texas Connection as a
supposedly rust free Southern Car.  I know that buying it unseen was a risk
and Caveat Emptor and all that, but, it had a Texas road safety sticker on
the windscreen that was less than 6 months old.

The handbrake did not work.

The rear foot brake did not work (The master cylinder had been doctored so
that it wouldn't.

There were three different size tyres on it.

The floor was rusted through on both sides so you could see the road beneath.

All of these faults would fail it in the UK

It is now a great car and goes very well apart from overheating in traffic
on hot days.  In the cold when running at about 70 mph the temp guage falls
to the cold marking.  With a new coat of paint it will look even better.  I
have decided to keep it LHD as I don't find it much hassle.  In some cases
it is an advantage.

Has anyone seen the book MG Collection, The Pre War Models.
By Richard Monk?  In 1964-68, I owned the 1932 F Magna on the front cover.
It has been completely rebuilt and totally altered from what it looked like
when I had it.  I really fancied myself driving it with the roof down and
the windscreen down whilst wearing goggles.


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