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Subject: RE: MGC
From: "Unger, Larry @ MAN" <UNGERL@Reston.UnisysGSG.COM>
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 96 09:52:00 EDT
>There is for sale an 1969 MGCT, rust free (based on a casual
>inspection), and which has not been started in three years, and
>which is now in storage.   The asking price is $4K.   Any advice
>on what to look for, and is this a fair price for the car
>assuming it is as solid as it appears to be at this stage?
>Is this a desirable car?
Well ... let me put it this way ... if it is in fact 'rust free', and you
don't want it, would you mind telling me were it is so that I can
grab it before someone else does <vbg>.  All kidding aside ...
it is a very desirable car.  Check the front/rear suspension ...
this is were they differ from the 'B' so rust damage is expensive
to repair in these areas

Larry Unger ==>

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