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Re: Carlisle

Subject: Re: Carlisle
From: (David Deutsch)
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 14:12:59 -0700
You wrote: 
>Item Subject: cc:Mail Text
>          Mike Leckstein, David Deutsch et al:
>          The MG Car Club of Western New York Centre will be well
>          represented at Carlisle this May. We'll be at booths 18-21.
>          Several list subscribers will be on hand there. Look for the
>          SOL logo. It will be proudly, prominently displayed.
>          Alan

It's looking like we are going to have quite a turn out at Carlisle. 
I'm just about to celebrate my first anniversary as an MG owner 
(tommorrow) and was never at a Carlisle event B4 so I'm psyhed. I'm 
also glad to say it appears we will have a great turn out at Britfest/ 
Moss N.J. this Saturday. Safety Fast, David Deutsch
66' B
75' B will B at Britfest
77' B for sale and will B at Britfest
78' parting out
79' Bing restored  

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