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Re: Transmission oil

Subject: Re: Transmission oil
From: (Bob,Jean,Matt or Maggie Skillman)
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 19:55:29 -0500
>On 24 Apr 96 at 16:06, Greg Johnson wrote:
>> Roger G's SOL tech article on Lubricants recommends 30 wt oil in the
>> transmission for MGB's .  However the Hanes and Original Manual ('64)
>> recommends 20w50.

Since the transmission only uses about 3 quarts of oil, you may want to
consider a synthetic such as Mobil1 15-50 or Amzoil 20-50.  I use the
Mobil1 15-50 in both the engine and transmission of my MGC.  It flows
better at lower temperature than 5w30, but has superior high temperature
specs.  In the transmission I think it makes econimical sense, as its not
changed often.  In the engine it depends on how much you leak or burn.  One
advantage I find is that you can leave the same weight oil in year round so
your not caught with heavey oil if you want to crank your car up during a
cold winter day.
Mobil along with most oil companies has web pages providing specs, cant
find address but a net search should find it easily.

              Bob Skillman  47TC, 68 MGC

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