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1275 Head Stud Kits? Best Deal?

Subject: 1275 Head Stud Kits? Best Deal?
From: Matt Liggett <>
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1996 12:31:11 -0400
I'm going to be putting the head back on my Midget soon and I'd like 
to replace the head studs, nuts, washers, etc.  I called Winner's 
Circle and they quoted me $89 for their Chromoly head studs complete 
with nuts and washers.  This is a bit more than I had expected.  Does 
anyone know what a set of "stock replacement" pieces would cost and 
if there is a huge advantage in going with the nicer studs?  The 
engine is stock now, but I will probably bump up the compression and 
get a hot cam next winter, so I'd rather be safe than sorry.

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