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Re: SU Needles and Midget coupes

Subject: Re: SU Needles and Midget coupes
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Date: Fri, 26 Apr 1996 09:30:33 +0000
>Date: 25 Apr 96 16:57:12 EDT
>Subject: Re: SU Needles

Lots about Burlen (SU) - very nice people!

>Also, I am looking for a fiberglass front end for my Midget.  There
>reproductions made by Lenham Motor Company of the MG Midget GTs
>racing Midgets from 1961-65) in fiberglass.  I want a front end
>but do not have any sources.  Can anyone help?
>- ---------------------------------------------------------------
>Rodger Marion, Ph.D., Professor and Director

Sorry Rodger, but the Lenham front end is not a copy of the Dick
Jacobs Midget GT. The information I have is that the Jacobs cars did
not appear until late 1962, after Lenham had started producing fronts
and backs of various shapes in fibreglass. The Jacobs midgets have
metal bodywork and I have been told that although a mould was made
from one of the cars to make fibreglass panels none have been made!


Dave Brooke

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