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From: "Milo Kral" <>
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 96 07:48:14 EDT
  Could I get a few opinions on the possible reasons for the following problem? 
Yesterday after work,  I was just entering the George Washington Parkway in 
Alexandria VA,  when the engine on my '67 MGB lost power.  There was no 
sputtering,  just complete deadness.  Luckily I was next to a gas station and 
pulled into their lot.
  At this point, I checked the fuel supply by removing the fuel line to the 
front carb,  and there was PLENTY.  It spewed everywhere - i.e. plenty of 
pressure.  Next I checked for power to the distributor by flicking the female* 
connector across the spade -  there was a strong spark.  Next I checked for 
spark from the coil by manually opening the points and holding the HT lead near 
ground.  The spark jumped across a 1/4" gap and was yellow/orangish in color.  I
got back in and tried to start (didn't know what else to do) -  and it fired 
right up.  No missing - smooth as silk,  like usual.

  This happened one more time before I arrived home.  Since I couldn't find the 
specific problem,  but believed it to be an ignition problem,  I replaced all of
the ignition parts that I could lay my hands on easily:  condenser,  coil,  cap 
and rotor.  Now,  the condenser and coil were new one month ago.  The coil was a
Lucas Sport.  I drove the 10 miles to work today with no problems.

  Who thinks the problem is solved,  or will it return?  And why?  Thanks in 
advance for your help.

Milo Kral

*that reminds me:  My sister,  an elementary school teacher,  has in her class a
student named Female,  pronounced like "Tamale" (you know, the southwestern 
food?).  Apparently,  at a loss for a name,  the parents got that off of the 
birth certificate form.

Milo Kral                  email:
Code 6324                  phone: (202) 767-2622
Naval Research Lab

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