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Re: Seatbelts in the '50s

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Subject: Re: Seatbelts in the '50s
Date: 26 APR 96 09:19
>> My 53 MG-TD has four slotted brackets bolted to the floor behind the seats. B
 > their design and position I can only conclude that they were meant to anchor
 > seatbelts. Did MG offer seatbelts back then? Or did the PO install some
 > aftermarket belts?

 Seat belts weren't even commonplace in racing cars when the TD was new, so
 it's doubtful your TD left the dealer with them.  If those are indeed
 seat belt anchors, they were probably a later addition.  If they are just
 attached to the plywood floorboards, they are pretty useless.  Seat belts
 need to be anchored to the chassis or to a steel subframe anchored to the
<chassis to be worth much in a T-Type.

 Seatbelts were a dealer option. My dad's '49 TC has aircraft-type seatbelts
in it, always has.  It's probable that this is the case with your TD.
It's also possible that this particular dealer thought anchoring to the
plywood floorboards was just fine...  :-(

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