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RE: MGB or TR6? MGB of course.

To: "''" <>
Subject: RE: MGB or TR6? MGB of course.
From: "Unger, Larry @ MAN" <UNGERL@Reston.UnisysGSG.COM>
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 96 16:11:00 EDT
==>Thanks to one and all for setting me straight during my recent bout of
==>temporary insanity. (Considering a TR6 over an MGB.) I just needed
==>to be reminded about  what attracted me to the MGB in the first place.
==>I beg forgiveness and pray that the gods of Abingdon smile down upon
==>me and direct me to the perfect straight, rust free, mechanically   
==>wire wheeled, stowaway hooded, overdrive transmissioned, Tartan
==> red 1965-67 MGB roadster. Thanks again.
... that was close ... almost lost you to the 'dark side'.  <vbg>

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