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MGs in San Diego

Subject: MGs in San Diego
From: (Denise Thorpe)
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 96 18:35:57 PDT
Dennis Blevins said a few days ago:

> BTW High Preistess Denise, where are all the MGs in San Diego?? We were 
> out there from the 9th to the 14th and the only MG-likeness we saw was a 
> T-series repro on a VW chassis. I can understand us northeasterners 
> hiding our MGs all winter till May but not in sunny southern California. 
> Are they in hiding from the Unical recycling program??

Sorry I didn't answer this earlier, I hadn't gotten anything from the list
since Monday and I didn't think to see if I'd been inadvertantly unsubscribed 
until today.  After my experience with nothing getting out because of my 
company's firewall, I just assumed I was in mailing list purgatory until 
somebody else fixed something.  So now that I'm re-subscribed, I'm spending a 
few hours with my office door closed catching up on digests.

To answer your question, San Diego's MG's are all hiding in garages.  I don't 
know anyone other than me who drives one as basic transportation anymore.  If 
I don't drive either a '66 B or a '63 1100, I don't get anywhere.  Everyone 
else in the MG Club has another car and they drive their MG's at most once 
a month.  I don't understand it myself.  I really like the stories on this 
list about how much people enjoy driving their cars.  

You were in San Diego and you didn't contact me?  You could have dragged an 
1100 back to PA!  Or is that why you didn't contact me?  Next time, call me 
and we'll get together for a beer.  I'm in the book.  That goes for everyone 
else, too.  So far, I've hoisted a few with Andy Ramm and Michael Golden and 
wife (gad, I can't remember her name).  Neither have been heard from since.  
Andy didn't even finish his travel saga.  No, they are _not_ buried with the 
1100 carcasses.

Denise Thorpe, still alive at

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