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Igntion Switch Trouble

Subject: Igntion Switch Trouble
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 07:26:14 -0400
This is the month for trouble with my 1977 MGB. Now, the ignition switch is
not working properly. When I try to shut off the switch, sometimes the key
turns, but not much happens - the radio shuts off, the ignition light comes
on dimly, and the car still runs. Then, if I work with it a bit, it works
properly. I see in Moss that the switch is not available, and in others (TRF)
it is $130. So questions: 1. Is there a fix short of replacement; and, more
importantly, 2) If I live with it a while is there any worry about a fire?
Thanks for the coninued good advice. You LBC'ers were on target about my
transmission troubles earlier this week!
Alan Siegel

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