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Subject: Doah!
From: (Williams/MG Guy)
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 17:53:36 -0300
Heavy sigh.

I believe I've discovered the root of my evil with regards to the '77
starting up - and it's not being 180 degrees out.

It's no vaccuum. Zilch. Consultation with one who knows says that is the
sign of valve alignment, ie: I've installed the timing gears out of
alignment. Arrgh!

Now it's out with the rad, drain the oil, et al to get back to pulling off
the timing chain and gears and realigning them according to the two marks as
per the manual (Which I now wish I had consulted BEFORE reassembly of the
front engine plate swap.)

My goodness this is a relaxing hobby., cheers for now..

Terry "Tear It Down Again" Williams
'70BGT (starts)
'68 roadster (starts)
'77 roadster (won't start)
'71 BGT parts-a-ramma (startling)

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