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Status Report 77 Midget 1500

Subject: Status Report 77 Midget 1500
From: "David E. Brown" <>
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 1996 22:26:18 -0400
Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would type a quick note to let you know how the 
midget is coming along. It RUNS! It MOVES! Huzzah!  Thanks in large 
part to the thoughful advice obtained from the individuals on this 
list, Denise, Will and others (you may or may not know who you are!)
Related threads included "It doesn't even sputter" (It was the 
original lucas e-ignition module that was the trouble-the crane cams 
add-on worked great) and threads on headers and bleeding the clutch.  
The clutch problem turned out to be the Clutch master, which had 
been rebuilt, but was obviously (in hindsight) beyond rebuilding.

My original 750$ investment turned into about 1500$ so far, with new 
brake master, clutch master, clutch slave (and master) rebuild kits, 
new rear brake shoes, hardware, wheel cylinders, and E-brake cable, 
Header, carb rebuild kit, all hoses, Crane cams ignition module, 
Manual choke conversion, horns (not installed yet, could use some 
advice!-wiring seems odd, to say the least), new side mirrors, 
antenna, marker lenses, battery, license plate lights, and lots of 
Castrol brake and clutch fluid.

Thanks again, and I look forward to "hanging out" with all of you 
for a long time to come!

David Brown
77 Midget 1500

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