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Milo's coil

Subject: Milo's coil
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 08:46:40 -0400
Fellow fiends:

Just to add to the din... I have not had any problems with the Lucas Sport 
Coil.  My coil problems early last year stemed from a mis-match on the order 
of the internal vrs. external resistor variety.  I've run a Lucas Sport coil 
for over a year now, and about 5000Mi sans difficulty.

It would be my opinion that a coil failure would be gradual, and it sounds 
like Milo's problem was very sudden.  Coils do "run" hot, but if there's no 
evidence of a leak, then I'm stumped on the coil theory.  I don't otherwise 
see how a coil could reversibly fail so quickly.  Coils seem either to be 
bad right out of the box or to last for years and years.

On a related subject, a local lbc mechanic now swears by Bosch points.  He 
has quit using the Lucas variety.  I've had lucas points that, right out of 
the package, don't sit correctly (i.e. the two contact's faces dont lie on 
each other flat).  My mechanic/friend says Bosch quality is much higher.

Will Zehring

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