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Re: Buying a title

Subject: Re: Buying a title
From: Stephen Brook <>
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 15:05:02 BST
> Darn.  A cable station here recently showed either the House of Lords or 
> Commons, I don't know which, in action.  It was hysterical!  They heckled 
> each other unmercifully.

How dare you !! That's informed debate that is. Not. If you watched
Brit TV more often, you'd notice a strong correlation between the
House of Commons and the London Zoo chimpanzee enclosure.
Except the chimp enclosure is more civilised.
> > but sometimes you get to exercise
> > ancient privileges.
> Like the right of first night?  ;-)

That must be a North Americanism - but I think I get the drift. :-)
And before someone tells me off, I won't mention politics again
in any way, shape or form. Won't even take the $$%^ out of them.
Stephen Brook
Brunel University

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