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Re: Spridget 5-speed info

To: "U. Goettsch" <>, bc <>,
Subject: Re: Spridget 5-speed info
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 18:11:09 -0400

On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, "U. Goettsch" <> wrote:
>A couple of months ago Michael McDevitt asked for info about Spridget
>5-speed conversion (Datsun). I sent him two post that I had saved relating
>to the subject. I tried to contact him now to ask about his findings, but
>his address is no longer valid.
>- Who sells kits except Mini Mania?
At Brifest this Saturday, there was a table for this conversion. I know nothing 
about the subject, but picked up a flyer because of this discussion. The 
was from Rivergate Restoration, PO Box 862, Soddy-Daisy ,Tn.37379,  (they must 
be kidding about that town's name) Tel. # 432-332-2030.

Complete price for kit $478. You supply Datsun 210 trans(1979-82) Just passing 
the info along. Soddy-Daisy? come on

Mike Leckstein

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