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Re: Spridget 5-speed info, calumny

Subject: Re: Spridget 5-speed info, calumny
From: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 30 Apr 1996 09:03:10 -0500
>The display 
>was from Rivergate Restoration, PO Box 862, Soddy-Daisy ,Tn.37379,  (they must 
>be kidding about that town's name)  Just passing 
>the info along. Soddy-Daisy? come on
>Mike Leckstein

Just down the road apiece from Red Boiling Springs (home of frequent
AACA swap meets) and Bell Witch.  What'sa matter with you Yankees,
anyhow?  At least we know how to make good bourbon.  (Ob-LBC content:
The trip to Lynchburg is a delight with the top down.  In fact, this
time of the year, the trip to anywhere within a 200 mi radius is a
delight with the top down.)

                A. B. Bonds

Yesterday on one of the local radio shows, they called up this woman
to tell her that she had won $10,000.  When asked what she was going
to do with the money, without skipping a beat, she replied, "Either
get a face lift or a pickup truck."  Now _there's_ priorities.

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