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Re: Oil Filter

To: Ken Katsirebas <>
Subject: Re: Oil Filter
From: (Ross MacPherson)
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 12:17:30 -0700
>After 3 months of rebuilding my 65B since it sat in my garage for 12 years,
I had the hardest time getting my oil filter to stop leaking.  It took
several tries and phone calls for help before it stopped.  Anybody got any
tips on making this job REASONABLE.  
>Almost lost it
Hi Ken.
At the risk of insulting your intelligence I offer the following.... 
Before you replace the filter make SURE the old O-rings are removed.  I have
a friend who very nearly lost his engine because he replaced the oil filter
and O ring without removing the old one.  It is virtually impossible to get
a seal with two O rings.  
Please don't be offended.  Sometimes the little things get over looked my
the most competent of individuals.
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